The Precious Gift of Prayer

You can talk with God.

And God will listen.

The most powerful Being in this universe, and you have the ability to come before His throne—once, twice, a hundred times a day.

You can ask Him for help.

You can tell Him what you’re struggling with.

You can request the mercy and forgiveness made freely available to you through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

You can tell Him about your hopes and dreams. Ask Him questions about the things you’re learning as you study His Word and listen to Him. Share the ten thousand different thoughts you’ve got running through your head.

You can talk to Him on your knees, with your face bowed down to the ground, with your arms raised up toward heaven, or as you walk by the way.

You can share your agonies, your joys, your most troubling questions, your most joyful discoveries, and every mundane and uninteresting thing in between.

The God who created the universe allows you—invites you—to come and talk to Him.

What will you do with that invitation today?

Until next time,

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