They All Saw It

Twelve spies saw the Promised Land.

They all agreed that it was something special—a land filled with incredible blessings from God.

They all agreed that it was occupied by formidable opponents—giants who made them feel like grasshoppers.

Ten of the spies thought it was a lost cause. The road blocks were too big, too insurmountable. Better to play it safe. Better to turn around and give up. The blessings weren’t worth the obstacles in the way.

Only two of the spies trusted God to be strong enough and dependable enough to give them the victory He had promised them.

They all saw the same blessings.

They all saw the same obstacles.

You’ve seen them, too.

It’s not just about what we see—it’s how we evaluate it. The meaning we assign to the things we see.

Do you trust that God will help you fight the things that make you feel like a grasshopper?

Do you believe the blessings are worth the battle?

Until next time,

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