Speed Limits

There are quite a few ways to deal with speed limits.

  • You can perpetually keep your speedometer sitting at five over. You can cheat the system juuuuuust enough to (almost) guarantee you’ll never get pulled, all while shaving a few seconds off your travel time.
  • You can hit cruise control and only ever go one speed, regardless of whether the limit changes. Sometimes you’ll be in the right, sometimes you’ll be in the wrong, but you’ll be going at your own rate no matter what.
  • You can bury the needle and go as fast as your car will let you. Others will hear you before they ever see you as you swerve in and out of lanes, keeping just a hair’s breadth between you and the car in front. You’ll always be one false move away from an accident.
  • You can drive 20 miles per hour under the speed limit. You won’t be breaking any laws and you’ll still technically be within your rights, but you won’t be doing anyone around you any favors, either. Even cars going the speed limit will have to swerve around you at high speeds.
  • You can keep one eye on the road and another on your phone, accelerating and decelerating as your focus comes and goes. The whole time, you’ll keep telling yourself that you’re the exception and you’ve got it handled.
  • You can match your speed to the flow of traffic around you. Usually that means speeding, but who’s going to pull a whole pack of cars over? And besides, would it really be safe to slow down and only go the limit?

There are quite a few ways to deal with God’s law, too. The driving styles are similar, but the penalties are much worse than a ticket.

Drive carefully.

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